Post Submission Rules

Thank you for your interest to post your writing with us on Shayari Network website. There is simple set of few rules and regulation, which you must have to follow in order to get your posts published.

The basic rules of post submission:

  1. 1). Post in right category only for example Sad or Love Shayari cannot be posted on Funny Shayari.
  2. 2). Your post will never be accepted if posting in inappropriate or wrong page, we accept posts in right category only.
  3. 3). Your post should be well formatted (neat and clean).
  4. 4). Don’t use too many full stops, commas or other special characters with your post.
  5. 5). Don’t post your personal information, for example phone number and address.
  6. 6). Your post will be disapproved, if you add your phone number with your post.
  7. 7). Do not use abusive, vulgar, racial, hatred, violent, adult, or anti-social language.
  8. 8). We reserve the right to approve, disapprove, edit or delete your post any time without any notice.
  9. 9). Don’t post messages like, “Nice shayari”, “hi”, “Hello”, we always delete them.
  10. 10). You can start posting if you agree the above rules and conditions, otherwise enjoy reading Shayaris!
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