English Shayari

Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye my friend
You, we will miss
Our hearts will mend
Knowing the comfort, heavens bliss

You were a man among men
You were respected you had honor
The day will come when we will meet again
My ceiling will be your floor

Yes you have risen
To that perfect place
All sin has been forgiven
You will enter heaven with grace

Now I must go, chores to tend
Just a simple goodbye
Goodbye my friend.

Love You Mom

What can you say about that one person
The one who was always there
Never let you down
Always cared, no matter what you had done

The praise can you give
The one who kidded your oweies
Bandaged your scrapes
Made you feel, for she did live

What form of admiration
To the one who watched you grow
Tried her hardest to keep you in line
For life gave you preparation

May be with just a simple poem
Love you Mom
Miss you Mom
Hope you like your new home

He Can Be Found

Ekonkar Satnam,

I am dedicating first post of shayari.net to my God, Akal Purakh…

He is the number One power and source of life
He protect and nurture his creatures without any cost
I should remember him forever, in Indulgence, I should not be lost
Otherwise, the fires of Hell make the souls so roast

By praising the God, He can be Found
Listening of the internal sounds
I can heal up the soul from the wounds
And by making my soul pure, God can be Found.

– Laddi

My English I very weak, but I tried to write something in the praise of God, I hope every reader would be able to understand what I try to say.