English Shayari

Empty Space – Amrita Pritam

There were only two kingdoms:
One disowned both him and me
And the other we ourselves abandoned.

Under the naked sky –
I was drenched by my body’s shower
Which continued a long age
Rotted in the continuing downpour.

Then he took the goblet brimming with the love of years
And quaffed it like cup full of poison
His quaking hand sought mine:
“Come! let us take a moment’s shelter under some roof
Look! there – before you, a little way off
There is an empty space…
Between truth and falsehood.”

– Amrita Pritam

Heart is Taken Aback by a Single Hurt

With you no complaint I can make
No reward I am destined to take

A person we have not yet met
If separated, will cause what heartache

We were hardly wishful to keep living
Though dying we dare not under-take

Something to make our life worth while
No prospect of any chance at stake

Flower’s scent has been accounted for
Its own time, though, bud will take

Heart is taken aback by a single hurt
It is no blister that a prick it cannot take…

– Parveen Shakir

The Story of Poverty

As if the counselor for cure is defeated
As if in death, malady has been treated

As if this time heart is hurt anew
Though beloved had oft before retreated

Your loving palm caressing my forehead
Is balm for my soul highly feted

There was this lack of warmth within
Though with an open smile beloved had greeted

The poor live from hand to mouth
The story of poverty is ever repeated

– Parveen Shakir

Distant Dream

Distant dream has become the festive season
Like our beloved, has departed the spring season

Since many seasons, in my home and heart
Time has stood still in the waiting season

Let beloved whisper in my ear to hear
Ever so gently may return the high season

Not with standing new tentalising professions of love
Not possible to withstand loss of your trusting season

Fragrance may diffuse or may refuse and return
Let someone so inform beloved’s welcome season

For your style of love we had often pondered
To pander to your overtures, or to reason out of season.

– Parveen Shakir

How to Plan Great Escape

How to plan great escape, every one’s feet are tied
How in this habitat under siege, fetters could be untied

I am ready for sacrifice, but let my judge adjudge
Who is indicting whom, before I am tried

Knock at the door today sounds so familiar
Who will pin the blame on me, my guilt to be classified

The martyr had climbed the scaffold long time ago
How his image is all fresh, hauntingly dignified

When truth is all smothered in the dock at bay
Who will explain niceties of law, not to remain tongue tied

Along will my detractors are my friends also free
Who will shoot the first arrow, they need to decide…

– Parveen Shakir

Heart Was Ecstatic

There was this chill in wind, you were also in mind
Heart was ecstatic, tinged with despondency of a kind

This chat half way through night, this moon full and bright
Along with the mid summer moon, your beauty was defined

Beloved was watching me, with a stealthy look
Time at last once stood still, leaving all behind

Now with a bit of hindsight, we know it wasn’t easy
When we didn’t find beloved, we were in a bit of a bind

I was in search on my beloved, though it was a vain search
My efforts not to besmirch, my longing was undefined

Evening breeze, not at ease, is inquiring beloved’s abode
O wafting wind of beloved’s mode, for goodness sake find…

– Parveen Shakir

Love Had Found Wide Publicity

My love had found wide publicity
Like flower scent, it had gained spontaneity

How can I say beloved has forsaken me
This true, but to say it is not propriety

Leaving me, beloved always returned to my fold
How well it speaks of beloved’s fickle quality

May you ever prosper in unison with beloved
One hell is night of loneliness with its longevity

When beloved had just caressed my burning forehead
My soul felt as cured by this touch of Jesus faculty

Even now in rainy season, body is aching
Longings are revived, wishes join priority…

– Parveen Shakir

Steps of Destination

How to step back, we were within some steps of destination
Our oversight was in advert ant, deserving utmost consideration

My eyes have lowered looks, my lips are all sealed
More than this, I cannot vouch my own admiration

We could not keep pace with our commitment
We cannot blame the world for their indignation

It may be temple or tavern, candles are incandescent
Our heart is all despondent, we show our desperation

A tear in eye was symbolic of a star in the sky
To discover any galaxy would end in frustration

It is same confused longing, it is same diffused yearning
No high or low day after day, no differentiation

– Parveen Shakir

I’ll Be Yours Forever

I’ll be yours forever
Close your eyes
Raise your face to the sky
Stretch your hands straight
Sideways and take a deep breath
Yes believe, you can fly
And that’ll be yours forever.

My Umbrella of Love

My umbrella of love

My umbrella of love
You are the smile on my face
The angel of my life
The friend and sister
That lights my darkness
My candle at night
And my umbrella of love.

Listen To My Heart

Listen to my heart
Listen to my heart
Can you hear it say…?
It’s telling me to give you everything.
Season may change
But feeling still remain,
I will give you all that belongs us.

Time To Go

Time to go my friend
To a better land, a better place
Shed that body for an angels face

Time to go my friend
You were a proud man, what else can I say
We will meet again, for this I will pray

Time to go my friend
Salvation you have found
Heaven awaits the trumpets sounds

Time to go my friend
Family and friends, eyes full of tears
May these words calms their fears

Time to go my friend
For now just a simple goodbye
When I need you I will look to heaven sky